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Criminal Justice Outputs

A Rapid Evidence Assessment To Assess The Outcomes Of Community And Custody Delivered Vocational Training And Employment Programmes On Reoffending

Rapid Evidence Assessment finds that vocational training and employment programmes were associated with 9 percent fewer programme participants reoffending, when compared with nonparticipants. Studies conducted in the UK were associated with 6 percent fewer programme participants reoffending.

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Social Innovation Outputs

Cycling Societies Innovations, Inequalities and Governance

Emerging debates and questions around cycling

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Education Outputs

Evaluation of Whole School SEND (WSS) Review: A cluster randomised controlled trial

Protocol for a two-arm parallel cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

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In-work progression

Response to Department for Work and Pensions call for evidence and good practice on in-work progression.

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EuroCohort Outputs

Using Information Science to enhance educational preventing violent extremism programmes

Educational preventing violent extremism (EPVE) programs have had (to date) little if any theoretical underpinning.

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