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Estimating the effect of crime (maps) on house prices using a natural experiment

This project leverages features associated with the geomasking algorithm to estimate the effect of public crime statistics on house prices.

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PERU 2021-2022 Impact Report

PERU 2021-2022 Impact Report

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Chance to Change Pilot Evaluation

The scheme to defer the prosecution of low-level offenders has highlighted key benefits, including avoiding criminalisation and associated negative social impact, but has demonstrated challenges, such as addressing racial disparities.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences, Intimate Partner Violence, and Mental Well-Being Among Mothers of Toddlers in Tirana, Albania: A Cross-Sectional Mediation Analysis

This article examines the relationship between maternal exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), intimate partner violence (IPV), and two aspects of maternal mental well-being—stress and depressive symptoms in the context of Tirana, Albania.

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Care Experience, Ethnicity and Youth Justice Involvement: Key Trends and Policy Implications

This briefing is based on descriptive findings from an ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK) Research Fellowship project

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Predictors of Positive and Negative Parenting Practices Among Mothers of Two-to-Three-Year-Old Children: Findings From Tirana, Albania

The purpose of this article is to determine the predictors of positive and negative parenting practices among mothers of two-to-three-year-old children in Tirana, Albania.

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