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Criminal Justice Outputs

A Rapid Evidence Assessment of the impact of probation caseloads on reducing recidivism and other probation outcomes

Rapid Evidence Assessment finds a growing body of evidence that lower probation caseloads have a positive impact in terms of reducing reoffending in the USA.

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Social Innovation Outputs

‘Good stories get lost in bureaucracy!’

Cultural biases and information for co-production

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Education Outputs

Evaluation of Whole School SEND (WSS) Review: A cluster randomised controlled trial

Protocol for a two-arm parallel cluster Randomised Controlled Trial

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In-work progression

Response to Department for Work and Pensions call for evidence and good practice on in-work progression.

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EuroCohort Outputs

Using Information Science to enhance educational preventing violent extremism programmes

Educational preventing violent extremism (EPVE) programs have had (to date) little if any theoretical underpinning.

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