We work with policy makers, commissioners, and those providing services to people experiencing homelessness. Our work focuses on interventions to prevent homelessness, such as England’s Staying Close for young people leaving local authority residential care. It also examines interventions to reduce homelessness and the effects of homelessness on people’s health, mental health, and substance use. Our housing work focuses on developing interventions that improve housing choice and housing stability.

Our team is keen to develop evidence based and innovative approaches to tackling different forms of homelessness, and to work with others committed to preventing and reducing homelessness.

Current and recent areas of work include:

  • Evaluating interventions aimed at preventing homelessness as young people leave residential care
  • Completing a systematic review on the harm reduction versus abstinence based interventions for reducing problematic substance use by adults experiencing homelessness
  • Completing an evidence synthesis of the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions for a range of outcomes for adults experiencing homelessness
  • Providing advice on how to measure the impact of complex interventions aimed at reducing street homelessness
  • Exploring the role that welfare reform since 2008 has play in driving homelessness from the private rented sector
  • Working with colleagues in architecture and psychology, exploring older people’s housing choices and housing options, and how to address barriers to older people’s housing moves.