We work across the criminal justice system including with prisons, probation and the police on issues ranging from what works to reduce re-offending to the police management of sex offenders. We have experience of undertaking Randomised Control Trials and Cost-Benefit Analysis as well as a range of qualitative research and evaluation projects.

Our team also works closely with leaders across the criminal justice system to develop innovative approaches and to turn new ideas into practical interventions.

Currently areas of our work in crime and criminal justice include:

  • Reducing re-offending. We regularly undertake evaluations of prison and community-based reducing re-offending programmes. We also use our knowledge of the evidence and theory on what works in reducing re-offending to work with a range of organisations to develop new reducing re-offending projects.
  • Evidence reviews. We undertake evidence reviews to understand what works in preventing crime and reducing re-offending and maintain the Reducing Re-offending website.
  • Criminal justice commissioning. We can support criminal justice commissioners from developing new ideas through to the evaluation of commissioned services. We host Academy for Social Justice Commissioning events in Manchester that explore the latest thinking in commissioning.
  • Working vulnerable and hard to reach groups. We have undertaken research and evaluation projects involving vulnerable groups such as survivors of domestic violence, gang members and people who have been radicalised.