A Handbook to Connect Research with Policy Making


Chris Fox, Sam Gray, Jack O’Sullivan


This handbook is part of an important conversation about how, universities can play a role in policy development that their learning, skills and public funding demand.

It draws on the latest academic literature and on our experience at Manchester Metropolitan University. Sitting in the midst of a great civic experiment – devolution of power from Westminster to England’s regions – and uncertainty about Britain’s future directions, the University is striving to enhance its relationship with policy and practice in innovative ways.

Our thinking has led us to recognise that universities have to go the extra mile to become relevant and pertinent to policy and practice. We are rethinking how we develop research and teaching, with greater emphasis on action and on understanding policymaking. We are pioneering institutional infrastructures that provide a place for research and policy to meet and share their views of the world.

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Fox, C., Gray, S. and O’Sullivan (2019) Transforming Research and Policy: A Handbook to Connect Research with Policy Making, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University