This book review by Sue Baines provides an insight into the value that Oosterlynck, Novy and Kazepov's book brings to the field of social innovation.


Sue Baines


This new edited collection about social innovations for fighting poverty is very welcome. Its understanding of social innovation is inspired by the work of Frank Moulaert (2013), who has written a foreword. According to Moulaert and the contributors, social innovations aim to satisfy basic needs, to transform social relations, and to increase capabilities and/or access to resources for a target group. This is more a description than a definition but helpfully encompasses content, processes and goals. Social innovation is quite a crowded field but this book has a strong, distinctive voice, foregrounding governance challenges and empowerment dynamics in the face of persistent poverty.

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Baines, S. (2022) ‘Book review: Local Social Innovation to Combat Poverty and Exclusion: A Critical Appraisal.’ Journal of Social Policy, 51(2) pp. 460-462.