Venue: Webinar. Location Manchester Metropolitan University | Mon 30 March 2015Contact: Chris Fox Email:

The session provides a general overview of evaluation and will cover:

  • different types of evaluation and the purposes of evaluation;
  • distinguishing evaluation from other related practices such as performance management and audit;
  • key distinctions made within evaluation including the distinction between formative and summative evaluation and the use of quantitative and qualitative data;
  • the importance of developing clear evaluation questions (including a discussion of what and when to evaluate);
  • how and why to develop theories of change early in the evaluation process

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This webinar series will provide a general introduction to evaluation and draw on examples from criminal justice policy, education, welfare, health and social care.

The sessions will be of particular use to public sector managers who are either tasked with undertaking an evaluation, commissioning an evaluation or assessing and acting upon evaluation evidence. The webinars will describe generic evaluation frameworks, specific methods that might be adopted and give practical advice on planning and implementing an evaluation. They will also help those who want to develop their ability to critically appraise evaluation evidence and consider the ways in which evaluation evidence can or should influence policy and practice.

Each session will run for 1 hour and include 40 minutes of presentation and 20 mins of discussion/questions.

30/03/15 – Getting started and theory of change
27/04/15 – Process evaluation
14/05/15 – Impact evaluation
01/06/15 – Economic evaluation
15/06/15 – Systematic review
29/06/15 – Knowledge mobilization

The sessions will be led by Chris Fox, Professor of Evaluation at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of the Policy Evaluation Research Unit ( His published books include one on Economics and Crime and he is currently working on An Introduction to Evaluation for the major academic publisher Sage. He has led and participated in numerous evaluations over the last 20 years.

Webinar details will be emailed to attendees.