The UK elections take place on the 7th May.


Mark Ellison, Rowenna Baldwin, Hilary Pilkington


The UK elections take place on the 7th May.

How can we expect young people to engage with the electoral process as it unfolds? Are politicians succeeding in reaching out to young people? Ultimately, will young people take the opportunity to cast their vote?

Data from the MYPLACE project provides some insight into how young people in the UK may respond to this key period for democracy in their country and how this compares to other locations across Europe.


This report focuses on voting in elections and democratic performance and profiles data for the UK. The report will cover the following areas:

  • Voting: the UK in the wider European context;
  • Why don’t young people vote?
  • Closeness to Political Parties;
  • Trust in Political Institutions;
  • Cynicism: Attitudes towards politicians and politics;
  • Participation: Traditional Forms

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