Imagining gig work futures through roleplay

Using a deck of virtual cards to think about the future of work

COORDINATE: Cohort Community Research and Development Infrastructure Network for Access Throughout Europe

The European Cohort Development Project (ECDP) is a Design Study which will create the specification and business case for a European Research Infrastructure that will provide, over the next 25 years, comparative longitudinal survey data on child and young adult well-being.

Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study (ELC-FS)

PERU part of a consortium to develop and test the design, methodology and viability of an Early Life Cohort Study that is likely to follow participants for more than 70 years.

Gun fingers: “It’s not a game” with film-maker Simon Melbourne

Venue: On-line
Wednesday 26th May from 17.00 to 18.00

Call for papers: Race and Criminal/Community Justice – 40 Years since Scarman

British Journal of Community Justice calls for papers for special issue

Social Impact Bonds 2.0: exploring the future of SIBs

To achieve their potential SIBs must be re-configured to become a catalyst for innovation, driving public sector reform and addressing new social and economic needs in the post-Covid world.