Venue: On-lineWednesday 26th May from 17.00 to 18.00

Join us for Gun fingers: “It’s not a game”with film-maker Simon Melbourne as part of The Manchester CRIME and JUSTICE Film Festival 2021.

This short film examines the phenomena of ‘gun fingers’; how children innocently point their fingers and pretend to shoot each other, but when they aren’t much older, some of those children end up with real guns in their hands and the game becomes fatal.  It’s not a game was written and directed by Simon Melbourne working with young people from North West London.

This event is presented as part of The Manchester Crime and Justice Film Festival 2021 in collaboration with Koestler Arts the UK’s best known prison arts charity, who provided Simon with support and mentoring and is supported by the Criminal Justice Alliance

Q&A: Simon will be answering questions after the showing and will talk – as someone with lived experience of the criminal justice system – about the power of telling stories through film. He will be joined by Fiona Curran Director of Arts to talk and answer questions about the work of Koestler Arts in encouraging people in the criminal justice system to change their lives by participating in the arts.

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