The British Journal of Community Justice has published a new blog by Denis Sidebottom on trust and relational probation practice.

In anticipation of the unification of probation in England and Wales on the 26th June the British Journal of Community Justice (hosted and managed by PERU) is pleased to publish this timely new blog by Denis Sidebottom: Can a better understanding of trust unlock the ‘black box’ of relational probation practice

“Throughout our lives most of us are taught that trust is important between people…But what about people with convictions, the vast majority of whom, the evidence suggests, have had poor relationships and or role models. How do they view trust, what does trust mean to them?”

Drawing on a review of relevant literature, Denis Sidebottom aims to provide some initial answers to the following questions: Why does trust matter between the probation supervisor and service user?

What do we currently know and don’t know about trust? And How does new research (which he is currently undertaking) plan to address these gaps?