PERU is delighted to announce that the Prison Learning Alliance conference is coming to Manchester Metropolitan University in the Autumn.

With support and funding from the Department of Sociology and Metropolis, the PLA will be holding its conference in the North of England for the first time.

The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) holds its annual conference each Autumn. The event brings together experts, including prison staff, the third sector and policy makers, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the current prison education climate, and how best to drive reform forward. The conferences also host the PLA Awards, all nominated by serving prisoners, to recognise the teachers, officers, peer mentors and others who have made an inspiring contribution to education in their prison.

Dr. Kirstine Szifris, who leads PERU’s work on prison education, said “Prison education is an important part of rehabilitation process and PERU is delighted to be a member of the Prison Learning Alliance. The PLA conference is an important event because it brings to together policy-makers, practitioners and learners and helps shape prison education in the UK.”