Kevin Albertson, one of the founder members of PERU and currently leading a strand of work on our Innovative Social Investment (INNOSI) project has been made Professor of Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Kevin is an eclectic economist with a background in statistics and economics, although more recently he has also developed an interest in Behavioural Economics. His work with PERU includes several Cost Benefit Analyses with a focus on crime and offending and various econometric modelling projects in the field of social policy.

Kevin is a passionate ‘populariser’ of economic thinking and analysis. He is a co-founder and author of the blog ‘Eomics’ (Economics without the con), contributes regularly to The Conversation and was co-author of the Haynes Manual How to Run the Country.

Kevin will continue to work as part of the PERU team in his new role.

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Professor Kevin Albertson

Professor of Economics