Recordings of events from this year's Manchester CRIME and Justice Film Festival are now available to stream.

If you weren’t able to join The Manchester CRIME and Justice Film Festival events back in May 2021 or want to re-experience them again, recordings of the events are now available to stream.

Crime and the Camera with Rex Bloomstein – Rex discusses the technical and moral challenges faced in exposing the realities of prison life.  He illustrates his talk with excerpts from his pioneering body of work spanning five decades including films such as The Sentence, Release, Prisoners’ Wives, Parole, Lifers and Strangeways, which won two British Academy Awards.  Rex’s talk was followed by Strangeways Re-Visited,  Lifer – Living With Murder and Kids Behind Bars.

Gun fingers: “It’s not a game” with Simon Melbourne – Simon wrote and directed It’s not a game. This film examines the phenomena of ‘gun fingers’; how children innocently point their fingers and pretend to shoot each other, but when they aren’t much older, some of those children will end up with real guns in their hands and the game becomes fatal.  Simon talks from his perspective – as someone with lived experience of the criminal justice system – about the power of telling stories through film. This event was presented in collaboration with Koestler Arts and the Criminal Justice Alliance