Venue: Free on-line webinar | Wed 10 June 2015

Contact: Chris Fox Email:

This webinar is part 6 of a 6 part series.

We start by looking at how ‘trends’ and ‘fashions’ in evaluation have changed over time and link these to broad changes in the public policy debate (see for instance Vedung 2010). We then discuss the concept of evidence-based or evidence-informed policy. Important in the debate about evidence-based policy and practice is the concept of Evidence-Based Medicine. There is a large body of research and theory on why some evidence is effective at influencing policy and practice and some is not. ‘Knowledge utilisation’ has become a sub-discipline in its own right and we look at some of the key work by Nutley and more recently by Bannister and Hardhill.


Chris Fox is Professor of Evaluation at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of the Policy Evaluation Research Unit ( His published books include one on Economics and Crime and he is currently working on An Introduction to Evaluation for the major academic publisher Sage. He has led and participated in numerous evaluations over the last 20 years