Venue: Number 70 Oxford RoadThu 16 May 2019

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A festival of crime films chosen by crime experts to give an alternative take on the contemporary problem of crime, justice and punishment in the 21st Century.


Modern horror classic created by James DeMonaco and starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. The first in the franchise.

In a dystopian America, for one day a year, the populace are allowed to commit crime without fear of penalty. A family are targeted by a gang when they give shelter to a wounded stranger. Will they survive the day?

Introduction and Q&A

If you could commit crime and get away with it, would you?- Introducing the film and in the Q and A afterwards Manchester Met’s Deb Jump will share insights into what stops most of us from committing crime; why these controls might breakdown; and what happens when they do.