Venue: Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University | Thu 24 September 2015

Contact: Kevin Albertson Email:

Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice: The interaction between social and criminal justice ethos and practice

Following the publication of the ninth ICCJ monograph Justice, with Reason: Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice by PERU’s Kevin Albertson and Chris Fox, this event will consider the theoretical, policy and practice possibilities for new directions in criminal justice.


Kevin Albertson, Reader in Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University, will explore the transforming potential of the insights of Behavioural Economics insights on the practice and implementation of criminal and social justice

Jennet Peters, Senior Policy Advisor, Public Sector Transformation Network. As Senior Policy Adviser on community safety, crime and justice Jannet is also working with the Greater Manchester public service reform team as their lead on Transforming Rehabilitation and will talk about the strategic and policy issues that knit the theory and practice together

Fergus McNeil, Professor of Criminology and Social Work, University of Glasgow and Strathclyde will consider supervision practice across Europe, linking with his recent publication Community Punishment: European perspectives, which explores the evolution and adaptations of supervision in 11 European jurisdictions

The event will be chaired by Emma Cluley, (Managing Editor, Issues of Community and Criminal Justice)