Venue: Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University | Tue 26 January 2016

Contact: Janet Cullinan Email:

Jon Bannister FAcSS, Professor of Criminology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Recent years have witnessed substantive change to the governance of policing and a dramatic reduction in policing budgets. Moreover, the nature and scale of crime problems have seen significant change. Despite this, a remarkable continuity in the principles that shape policing practice (and its assessment) can be traced. From Sir Robert Peel to the HMIC PEEL inspection programme, policing by consent and preventive policing find centre stage. In this free seminar, Jon uses the controversy surrounding the reform of police funding arrangements as a lens to plot the challenges and opportunities and commissioning choices facing policing in the 21st century.

This is one of a series of evening seminars organised by the Academy of Justice Commissioning and PERU.