Venue: Manchester Metropolitan UniversityTue 27 March 2018

Contact: Janet Cullinan Email:

Professor Kevin Albertson of PERU will discuss lessons learned from the UK’s experiments with Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds implemented since 2010.

As part of their new book, Payment by results and social impact bonds: Outcome-based payment systems in the UK and US, Kevin and co-authors including Chris Fox and Chris O’Leary have undertaken the first Rapid Evidence Assessment of empirical evaluations of the 32 Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and 35 Payment by Results (PbR) programmes commenced in the UK since 2010.

This research is the first Rapid Evidence Assessment of outcomes-based commissioning to include PbR and SIB programmes and Chris will use the review to test the concepts of marketization, incentivisation, innovation and performance management – all concepts important in outcomes-based commissioning.