Venue: 70 Oxford StreetWed 25 March 2020

Marking the 20th anniversary of its first release. Directed by Mary Harron and co-written with Guinevere Turner, starring Christian Bale. Based on the 1991 Brett Easton-Ellis novel, this cult movie charts the life of wall street banker and serial killer Patrick Bateman and has been described as a neo-noir satirical psychological horror film.

Selected by Manchester Metropolitan’s Dr Jenny van Hooff and Dr Mike Salinas, in their introduction and Q & A they will explore the themes of masculinity, capitalism and crime and the eradication of emotion from dating.

Manchester charity Back on Track’s catering social enterprise – Swan’s Kitchen – are providing a POP-UP CAFÉ staffed by disadvantaged people getting the skills and experience they need to build a better future. Come along early and show your support by relaxing with a coffee and a delicious bite to eat before the screening.