Venue: Manchester Metropolitan UniversityTue 11 July 2017

Contact: Janet Cullinan Email:

PERU hosts the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning events in Manchester. This seminare features Teresa Scott, CEO/Founder of Kennedy Scott.

Kennedy Scott’s e-Circle of Support© is an online digital platform bringing together skills, employability, health and well-being services to motivate and support jobseekers. In a ground-breaking move for the sector, participants are given a budget to spend on employment products/services, giving them responsibility over their journey back to work. By enriching social connectivity and increasing skills, in the last two years Kennedy Scott have supported over 1000 people with disabilities and health conditions into long-term sustainable employment.

In this free seminar Teresa will discuss this innovative model and explore the drive to develop revolutionary technological solutions to overcome limited funding and commission better services to support people with complex barriers and disabilities into employment.