Venue: Manchester Metropolitan UniversityThu 26 April 2018


PERU hosts this Academy for Social Justice Evening Seminar featuring

Mignon French (Programme Manager, Community Sentence Treatment Requirements), Vince Treece (Programme Support, Community Sentence Treatment Requirements) and Nino Maddalena (Criminal Justice Manager, Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Division, Public Health England)

The Community Sentence Treatment Requirement Programme (CSTR) has been developed to explore why the use of treatment requirements, are underused at the point of sentence compared to other community requirements. There are three treatment requirements available to Sentencers: Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment Requirements (DRR, ATR, MHTR)

The CSTR Programme is a partnership between the Department of Health, Ministry of Justice, NHS England and Public Health England. A joint protocol has been developed to provide an opportunity to increase the use of CSTRs as well as understanding the reasons why they are currently under-used.

In this free seminar Mignon, Vince and Nino will give an overview of the programme and share some initial thoughts around increasing the use of these treatment requirements.