Venue: On-lineWednesday 3rd November from 13.00 to 16.30

The reunification of probation in England and Wales occurred in June this year, with the private Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) staff joining the public National Probation Service. To mark this the British Journal of Community Justice has published a special issue which presents eight new papers – which are future looking but also draw on learning from the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) era in England and Wales

The authors will be presenting their findings and undertaking a Q&A.  To book your place: CLICK HERE

  • Matt Cracknell on resettlement
  • Denis Sidebottom on trust in probation
  • Matt Tidmarsh and Ian Marder on professionalism in probation
  • Sam Cooper on the impact of TR on CRC staff
  • Nicola Roberts and Katy Rohan on long standing probation officers and their experience of TR
  • Nichola Cadet on managing and supporting older people on probation
  • Rob Turner on ‘a simple idea for complex lives’
  • Dave Nicholson on a co-operative development approach to co-producing resettlement
  • Matthew Soo and Lenvin Tan on evaluating probation, remodelling offenders and reducing recidivism

The special issue of the journal is available HERE.

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