Venue: Online: | Thu 14 May 2015

This webinar is part 3 of a 6 part series.

This session on different frameworks for impact analysis will cover:

evaluation designs – internal and external validity and trade-offs that tend to occur between these;
the development of and use of experiments as the ‘gold standard’ in medicine – the case for their use in the social sciences and key adaptations required;
the design of quasi-experiments – the need to take a pragmatic and creative approach to the design of quasi-experiments;
key quantitative methods and their strengths and weaknesses.

Chris Fox is Professor of Evaluation at Manchester Metropolitan University and Director of the Policy Evaluation Research Unit ( His published books include one on Economics and Crime and he is currently working on An Introduction to Evaluation for the major academic publisher Sage. He has led and participated in numerous evaluations over the last 20 years.