Venue: Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University Location: Manchester, Uk | Wed 21 October 2015

Contact: Janet Cullinan Email:

Part of the Academy for Justice Commissioning evening seminar series, hosted by PERU

Speaker: Chris O’Leary (Researcher at the Centre for Public Policy and Health, Durham University)

Service commissioners regularly de-commission services. Sometimes this is done explicitly, sometimes it is the result of a decision to commission a different service from a new provider. Often the process of de-commissioning is a difficult one with a human cost attached and yet how to de-commission is a topic rarely covered in discussions about commissioning.

In this free seminar Chris will argue that the flip-side of effective commissioning is effective de-commissioning. He will draw both on his research and his practical experience of de-commissioning to set out an effective process for de-commissioning services that is evidence-based, defensible and takes account of the human costs.  This will include how to make a business case for de-commissioning and how to manage different stakeholders in the de-commissioning process including service users and staff.