Venue: Manchester Metropolitan UniversityTue 9 January 2018

Contact: Janet Cullinan Email:

In this free seminar Clare McGregor, Founder/ Managing Director of Coaching Inside and Out will share how commissioners are supporting a new service to provide life coaching for men, women and young people in our prisons and communities to improve their own lives and the lives of others. The concept for this service has evolved since a Google search in 2010 showed that no other organisations were offering this service anywhere in the world and the charity now encourages others to use coaching internationally for people who face significant inequalities.

Clare will also lead a debate about the difficulties of evaluating the impact of any one human intervention on improved social and / or criminal justice outcomes.

This seminar will be relevant to anyone providing or commissioning similar services in many situations.

This event is organised by the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning and is supported by PERU. The event takes place in the building where PERU is based.