The Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) programme is being implemented between March 2021 (with intake from July 2021) and June 2022 in four English Local Authorities (LAs). VIG is a relationship based parenting intervention in which a VIG practitioner films a parent and child interacting in short, one-to-one sessions. By providing feedback on these sessions based on edited clips of better than usual moments, VIG aims to promote parental sensitivity, child attachment and longer term social and emotional development.

The intervention developer, Babies 1st, will train and supervise 21 VIG Practitioners across the four LAs. Practitioners will undertake the role in addition to their substantive role (e.g. social or family worker) and will each work with a minimum of six families (typically a focal parent and infant dyad) over eight sessions or more.

The programme is being evaluated by IFF Research and the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at Manchester Metropolitan University (Man Met). The evaluation comprises impact, implementation (process) and cost components. The impact study design is a pragmatic, multi-site, efficacy trial, with individual family dyads allocated to intervention and control within sites, at random, on a 1:1 intervention to control basis. Families allocated to the intervention group will receive VIG in addition to their usual care; those in the control group will receive usual care only. All families will be asked to complete a baseline questionnaire containing psychometric measures prior to randomisation and also at four months post-randomisation. In addition, LAs will supply child protection outcomes from administrative data six months post-randomisation.

Intake will begin in August 2021 and will continue until the end of March 2022. Randomisation will begin in July 2021, and the intervention for all families will end by June 2022. An evaluation report will be published by the end of August 2022.

The evaluation includes a review point (September 2021) to allow for changes to the protocol and evaluation activity on account of factors which are currently unknown (e.g. the amount of dropout and proportion of parents requiring translation services or additional support to complete the survey).

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