Funded MSc Traineeship

The Education Endowment Foundation is advertising a funded MSc Traineeship to study Evaluation & Policy Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University or Social Research Methods at University College London

Meeting Scotland’s child poverty reduction targets

This project looks at the relative effectiveness of childcare, employability programmes and social security levers in achieving the child poverty reduction targets

Housing costs and child poverty

This project utilise the IPPR tax-benefit model to model the effects, at a household level, of changes to housing policy, accounting for the complexities in the benefit system.

Exploring the frontiers of microsimulation

Tax-benefit microsimulation modelling is a well-established technique used in many countries around the world for estimating the fiscal, distributional and poverty effects of policy change in the tax and benefit system

Providing advice on building a dynamic microsimulation modelling for non-communicable diseases

The Health Foundation REAL Centre is working with the University of Liverpool to build a dynamic microsimulation model of non-communicable diseases to allow analysis of future demand for healthcare.

Assessing the impact on poverty of changes to the Local Housing Allowance

This will provide the first definitive view of the impact that the changes to the Local Housing Allowance over the past decade have had on poverty

Work incentives in the tax and benefit system

This project will identify where, and why, work incentives remain poor for so many people by conducting a comprehensive study of work incentives throughout the tax and benefit system

GUIDEPREP: The preparation phase for the Growing Up In Digital Europe survey

Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE) will be Europe’s first comparative birth cohort study of children’s and young people’s wellbeing.