The Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance was created to provide support services to women involved in the Criminal Justice System and those at risk of offending across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. The Alliance emphasises prevention, and aims for a reduction in the number of women sent to custody, where a viable alternative is available in the form of high-quality community provision.

What are we doing?

We will undertake an impact evaluation to examine what difference the approach has made to women, specifically what aspects of the work has made that difference. Key to understanding this will be the perspective of the women accessing the services, to gain their views and reflections on the difference the support has made to their lives. Alongside this, we will analyse data collected via the women centres to measure the outcomes achieved for women. The impact evaluation will also comprise a reconviction study using Police National Computer (PNC) data.

What are the timescales?

The evaluation was completed in July 2019 and a copy of the final report can be downloaded from this page.

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