The Bristol Dawes Unit was set up by Catch 22 in 2015 and works with young people at all stages of gang involvement: on the periphery, involved or entrenched.  They receive referrals from the police, youth offending service, social services and schools. They also have an emphasis on prevention work and offer a schools delivery programme for children identified as being at risk of gang involvement. The Bristol project is funded by the Dawes Charitable Trust and in part has been set up based on the first Dawes Unit Gangs pilot established in Wolverhampton. The evaluation has been commissioned by Catch 22.

What is the need?

The evaluation aims to assess: the implementation and operation of the Unit; and its impact on project beneficiaries, partners and other stakeholders Bristol.

What are we doing?

We will be conducting a survey of strategic and operational partners, workshops with project beneficiaries and project staff and analysis of management information collected by the project.

What will be the outcomes?

To capture learning to inform the development of similar projects and a replicability model based on the Bristol and Wolverhampton projects.

What are the timescales?

A final evaluation report was submitted in December 2017

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