The British Journal of Community Justice hosted and managed by PERU is marking International Restorative Justice Week by publishing two new papers.

Models versus Mechanisms: The Need to Crack the Black Box of Restorative Justice by Jennifer Lanterman University of Nevada – who argues that despite the proliferation of restorative justice (RJ) across the world, there are extensive gaps in our knowledge on how RJ works.

Restorative justice and the state. Untimely objections against the institutionalisation of restorative justice by Giuseppe Maglione, Edinburgh Napier University, offers a thought-provoking piece, using a comparative analysis of restorative justice (RJ) policy in England and Wales, Norway and France,

Additionally, the journal is continuing its series of blogs and articles reflecting practice and policy challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic with a new blog by Victoria Worrall, Northumbria University: How do you peddle drugs in a pandemic? Use the kids of course!

If you would like to respond to any of these pieces, or are interested in submitting an article or blog of your own please contact the editors at: