Venue: Manchester Metropolitan University26th November 12 - 4

Over recent years there has been unprecedented attention to racial and ethnic inequalities in policing and the Criminal Justice System (CJS). The 2017 Lammy Review, the most comprehensive analysis of the treatment of, and outcomes for ethnic minority groups in the CJS to date, showed that ethnic minority groups are both disproportionately represented, and appear to experience disproportionately worse outcomes across different stages of the CJS. Lammy identified a number of areas requiring attention including the need for evidence-based explanations for these inequalities, underpinned by improvements in the collection and availability of CJS data. As part of the project Ethnic Inequalities in the CJS we are inviting you to join the first part of the event Ethnicity and the CJS. The event will present academic research, policy and practitioner perspectives, on ethnicity, inequalities and the CJS. Speakers include Dr Patrick Williams (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Kitty Lymperopoulou (Manchester Metropolitan University), Jessica Mullen (CLINKS) and Jeremy Crook (BTEG and EQUAL) The second part of the event will be a Fishbowl discussion and will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University (offline). The discussion will explore ethnic disproportionality; what ethnicity means, how it is collected and used in the CJS; evidence gaps and challenges; and how these can be addressed to tackle ethnic inequalities.

Please note that online participants can only attend the first part of the event which will be 12.15 -2pm

If you are a practitioner working in the CJS and would like to attend in person contact Dr Kitty Lymperopoulou:

On-line participants can register to attend via Eventbrite

Project Funders: ESRC ADR UK