BME Sex Offenders in Prison: The Problem of Participation in Offending Behaviour Groupwork Programmes – A Tripartite Model of Understanding

Published 19/03/2008
Type Article
Author(s) Dr Malcolm Cowburn, Dr Victoria Lavis, Dr Tammi Walker
Corresponding Authors Dr Malcolm Cowburn, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Bradford

This paper addresses the under representation of Black and minority ethnic (BME) sex offenders in the sex offender treatment programme (SOTP) of the prisons of England and Wales. The proportional over representation of BME men in the male sex offender population of the prisons of England and Wales has been noted for at least ten years. Similarly the under representation of BME sex offenders in prison treatment programmes has been a cause for concern during the last decade. This paper presents current demographic data relating to male BME sex offenders in the prisons of England and Wales. The paper draws together a wide range of social and cultural theories to develop a tripartite model for understanding the dynamics underlying the non-participation of BME sex offenders in therapy.