Angry or What? Experiences of Being a Crime Victim

Published 13/06/2005
Type Article
Author(s) Beth Hodgson
Corresponding Authors Beth Hodgson, University of Huddersfield

This paper reports findings from a survey of 145 crime victims in West Yorkshire, designed to assess the physical and emotional impact of victimisation. This paper will note the wide and far-reaching impact of crime victimisation, affecting all aspects of daily life. All participants reported some effects after victimisation. Some groups suffered to a greater extent than others. Very few participants received any support from outside their immediate family or friends. They commonly complained of lack of personal contact with the police, and lack of advice and information. The majority of participants thought that receiving an apology or meeting with the offender would not be helpful. They favoured remedies through the criminal justice system. The implications for the treatment of victims within the criminal justice system and the introduction of restorative models that attempt to engage the victim in the process are discussed.