Working With Young Adults Sentenced to Life

The authors of this article were the keynote speakers at a conference carrying the above title, held at HM YOI Moorland, in October 2000.

Prisoners as Citizens

This article considers how the ideas of citizenship, and of the rights and responsibilities which go with it, might be applied to the treatment of prisoners and the management of prisons.

Community Bail or Penal Remand? A Critical Analysis of Recent Policy Developments in Relation to Unconvicted and/or Unsentenced Juveniles

This paper presents a line of argument which holds that contemporary youth justice policy formation and practice development is located within a highly-charged political environment.

In or Out?: Some Critical Reflections Upon the Potential for Involving Victims of Youth Crime in Restorative Processes in England and Wales

Expanding the use of restorative approaches within the youth justice system has become a key objective of recent government policy and reflects the international growth of restorative justice.

Community Justice, Risk Management and the Role of Multi-Agency Public Protection Panels

This paper discusses recent developments in the ‘risk management’ of known sexual and violent offenders in the community, including the work of Multi-Agency Public Protection Panels (MAPPPs).