Mergers Between Community Correction Staff and Custodial Staff: Some Experiences from Canada

Published 13/10/2004
Type Article
Author(s) Denis C. Bracken
Corresponding Authors Denis C. Bracken, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba

Mergers of community corrections staff and staff from correctional institutions has occurred at both the federal and provincial levels in Canada over the past several decades. At the federal level, the amalgamation began more than 25 years ago, although the impact continues to be felt to this day. Current policy suggests that a unified service is thought necessary as part of an overall offender risk management strategy. Considering the case of Manitoba at the provincial level, an amalgamation of provincial parole officers with adult prison staff has been slowly underway for several years. Recent legislative changes combined with the development of generic ‘competencies’ suggest a reduction in emphasis on educational requirements and the sense of a professional staff in community corrections.