Federal Statistics of Victim-Offender-Mediation in Germany

Published 11/06/2008
Type Article
Author(s) Arthur Hartmann
Corresponding Authors Arthur Hartmann, University of Applied Sciences in Public Administration, Bremen

The article describes the federal statistics on Victim-Offender-Mediation (VOM) cases in Germany. The statistics exist from 1993 and contain information on more than 30,000 VOM-cases, victims and offenders. The article describes the history of the statistics, philosophy, aims, and methodology with detailed information about the kind of information collected. The structure of the data and the technical realization of data collection and analysis procedures are also discussed. Additional paragraphs introduce the reader to the relationships between the organisers of the statistics and the practitioners, the dissemination of the results, and the costs of the statistics. Finally the relevance for developments at a European level is considered.