Experiences of DTTO: The Person in the Process

Published 17/10/2007
Type Article
Author(s) Karen Mills, Keith Davies, Susan Brooks
Corresponding Authors Karen Mills, Keith Davies and Susan Brooks, Senior Lecturers in Criminal Justice, University of Hertfordshire

This paper considers the findings of a research project within the London Probation Area in which participants in a Drug Treatment and Testing Order (DTTO) programme (both those who had completed and some who had not and were in custody) were asked what had best supported them. Their responses frequently reflected the importance of a good working relationship with supervising staff. If, as is envisaged, the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) is operated more flexibly than DTTOs, an opportunity presents itself to re-sculpt criminal justice drug programmes, retaining aspects which are working and amending those which are not. This paper focuses particularly on the role which the working alliance might play in future programmes.