Community Bail or Penal Remand? A Critical Analysis of Recent Policy Developments in Relation to Unconvicted and/or Unsentenced Juveniles

Published 12/06/2002
Type Article
Author(s) Barry Goldson, Janet Jamieson
Corresponding Authors Barry Goldson and Janet Jamieson, The University of Liverpool

This paper presents a line of argument which holds that contemporary youth justice policy formation and practice development is located within a highly-charged political environment. Despite the ‘modern’ emphasis on rationality and evidenced-based approaches, it is further argued that political calculations invariably exercise significantly more influence over youth justice policy, than ‘what works’ priorities and the messages that can be drawn from research and practice. This primary argument is applied and developed by focusing explicitly on bail and remand processes in relation to unconvicted and/or unsentenced juveniles. Underpinned by recently completed research, the analysis illustrates the means by which promising developments in policy and practice have been reversed and abandoned in order to suit the political moment