A Social Approach to the Process of Rehabilitation

Published 11/12/2013
Type Article
Author(s) Tracey McMahon
Corresponding Authors Tracey McMahon, author, currently serving a suspended sentence

My experiences within the Criminal Justice System have helped me to become a feature
author on Criminal Law & Justice Weekly and a copywriter and translator currently
working on the key areas in the Criminal Justice System regarding rehabilitation,
employment and housing. I have previously had a suspended sentence supervision order
and am currently subject to a second suspended sentence, this time without any orders
attached. After a period of homelessness, I successfully picked up my business,
approaching clients and being honest about my situation. After living on my mother’s sofa
for three months, I worked and was able to save up enough money for my own
apartment. I am now in the process of registering a foundation to help those who slip
through the net of the Criminal Justice System. There are gaping chasms in the CJS and
there is not enough concentration on those who do make a success of their rehabilitation
period. I am working and writing for the oldest law journal within the UK and have good
support in the setting up of my foundation. With James Timpson of Timpson (a wellknown employer who is actively involved with the employment of ex-offenders) as Patron,
and UKCriminalLaw blog as ambassador to the foundation, I have made the most of my
rehabilitation period and continue to do so