Philosophy behind bars: Growth and development in prison

A ground-breaking study about how teaching philosophy in prisons helped long-term prisoners build positive relationships, trust and explore what it…

Project co-led by PERU is one of 11 new European Research Infrastructures

Growing Up In Digital Europe (GUIDE), which is co-led by PERU has been included in the latest revision of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum for…

Trust in probation practice

The British Journal of Community Justice has published a new blog by Denis Sidebottom on trust and relational probation practice.

CRIME and JUSTICE Film Festival Events now available to stream

Recordings of events from this year's Manchester CRIME and Justice Film Festival are now available to stream.

Imagining gig work futures through roleplay

Using a deck of virtual cards to think about the future of work

ESRC Early Life Cohort Feasibility Study

PERU part of a consortium to develop and test the design, methodology and viability of an Early Life Cohort Study that is likely to follow…

Call for papers: Race and Criminal/Community Justice – 40 Years since Scarman

British Journal of Community Justice calls for papers for special issue

Researchers to develop first ever Europe-wide survey to track children’s wellbeing as they grow up

The Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU) at Manchester Metropolitan University leads international project that will generate exciting new data…

Needs assessment: risk, desistance and engagement

PERU's Kevin Wong co-authors a new Academic Insights paper for Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation

High probation caseloads jeopardise the quality of delivery and practitioner’s wellbeing

PERU contributes to a report showing that the quality of probation delivery falls when practitioners are responsible for managing more than 50 cases.

Needs assessment and effective engagement

PERU researcher argues that needs assessment and sentence planning should transcend their core justice functions and set the tone for effective…