Educational policies and practices vary from school to school and from country to country, and are often based on received wisdom and current, partial understanding of best practice. PERU undertakes rigorous evaluations of educational interventions, to determine their impact and to understand what works. As an independent evaluator for the Education Endowment Foundation, we design and implement robust Randomised Controlled Trials, and have expertise in process evaluation.

Current and recent work includes:

  • Evaluation (using a Randomised Controlled Trial) of the effectiveness of Eedi formative assessment programme on raising attainment in maths
  • A review of the impact of digital technologies in the classroom on pupils’ attainment
  • Consultancy and advice on the CREST Silver Award and Family Skills trials for NatCen Social Research
  • Designing and implementing a pilot trial of functional skills training in prison for Novus
  • Research around adult education and skills