What is personalisation?

Most simply, personalisation means that public services respond to the needs of people. This is in contrast to standardised services. It’s a response to the end of the age of deference, increasing choice in consumer goods and the notion that designing services for the average does little to address individual need. It includes the notion of co-production where people who use services take over some of the work done by practitioners and co-creation where people who use services work with professionals to design, create and deliver them.

What are we doing?

Staff in PERU have a long-standing interest in personalisation.

  • Personalisation was a key theme in our Horizon2020 project, Innovative Social Investment, which studied welfare reform in Europe.
  • We are currently part of a consortium looking at co-creation in public services across Europe in the Horizon2020 project on Co-Creation of Service Innovations in Europe.
  • In the UK, we have been writing about, piloting and evaluating a model of personalised offender management in the UK that draws on experience of personalisation in social care
  • Professor Chris Fox is undertook a Chancellor’s Fellowship with Think Local, Act Personal. The focus of the Fellowship was the evidence base for personalisation. For a 5 minute podcast on Chris’s Fellowship click here.

Lived experience and co-creating research

Understanding the experiences and insights of people using – or potentially using – personalised approaches and those close to them is key to our work on personalisation. This includes working with people to co-create research. On several projects we have collaborated with Peoples Voice Media who work with people to capture their stories. Some examples of Peoples Voice Media community reporting are available below.

Experiences of a parenting programme

Experiences of homelessness

Experiences of social workers

Transition to adulthood

Reviewing the evidence

We have undertake A Rapid Evidence Assessment of co-creation in UK public services. 

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