Population Europe have published a policy brief which argues that there is a need for high quality comparative longitudinal survey for the full life-course. 

The EuroCohort survey provides the early years up to early adulthood, The Generations and Gender Programme covers the period from 18 to 50, and the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe covers the period from 50 onwards.

The authors, including PERU’s Gary Pollock argue that:

“Serious investment is required in the collection of data on populations for research purposes. These data help develop an understanding and better policies regarding the key demographic challenges facing Europe today. Without such investments, key policy decisions will be made without all the facts. Research infrastructures provide the data we need to develop better policies. To support the development of infrastructures for the study of populations, the GGP and EuroCohort project should be admitted to the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures.”’